Bite and Malocclusion Correction

Malocclusion Identification and Correction

Malocclusion, or improper positioning of the teeth and jaws, can affect the bite, speech, and appearance, as well interfering with gum and jaw health, and the ability to properly clean the teeth and mouth. Each case is unique, and can be caused by heredity or environment or both.

Treatment will coincide with stages of growth and development, and begin with a thorough assessment based on medical and dental history, plaster impressions of the teeth for a baseline, and photographs and X-rays. Removable and/or fixed appliances can be developed from wire and plastic, that fit the upper or lower teeth or both at the same time. With proper hygiene and compliance in wearing the appliances, malocclusion can often be successfully corrected.

Space Maintainers

Losing a primary molar can allow drifting which misaligns bite patterns during growth and development. Space maintainers might help in such cases. We can assess whether a space maintainer is a good idea for your child.


To determine if your child could benefit from braces, we are happy to schedule an evaluation and, if needed, to provide a referral to a qualified orthodontist.